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How does ucfunnel pay for campaigns run on my site?
Based on the programmatic buying transcation, ucfunnel pays publishers 80+% of all revenue we secure for your site.

Why ucfunnel best represent my site?
ucfunnel collaborates & integrates with global buyers and all the transaction data would be on the dashboard for publishers to check any time.

When do I get paid for my web impressions?
Payment terms are net 90. Once you complete the bank information setup, ucfunnel will wire you the payment within 90 days after the last day of the month during which your site generated more than USD $800 in net revenue.

Can I control the content & ad quality shown on my website?
Yes. You can control the content of ads by blocking ad categories (i.e. gambling, religious, political, alcohol, flashing, warning, etc.) or by specific advertiser domain names.

Site Content Policy

Hate Content

Content articulating views intended or reasonably likely to cause or incite hatred of any race, religion, creed, class, or ethnic group.
Content articulating views calculated to cause offense to or incite hatred of any individual or group.
Content explicitly glorifying or delivering for the purposes of entertainment, scenes or descriptions of pain, suffering, death, torture, or ill-treatment of humans or animals.
Sexually explicit content depicting illegal acts including but not limited to content featuring minors and content featuring non-consensual acts, real or implied.


Content offering genuine or replica guns, bombs, ammunition, or other offensive weapons for sale.
Content glorifying the use of or offering technical information on guns, bombs, ammunition, or other offensive weapons.

Invalid Clicks

Invalid clicks are clicks generated by prohibited methods.
Examples of invalid clicks include repeated manual clicking or the use of robots, automated clicking tools, or other deceptive software. Invalid clicks are sometimes intended to artificially or maliciously drive up an advertiser's clicks or the Publisher's earnings. Sources of invalid clicks include:

  • Manual clicks intended to increase costs to the advertiser or to increase profits for website owners hosting the advertising.
  • Clicks by automated tools, robots, or other deceptive software.


Any software covertly installed on a user’s machine (as distinct from the addition of a cookie to the appropriate location within the user’s browser software).
Specifically Spyware is:

  • installed without the user's full knowledge;
  • cannot be easily uninstalled or disabled;
  • covertly transmits information about the user's activities to a remote host often used to facilitate delivery of advertising messages, often with a high frequency; and
  • those applications that are a sub-set of spyware being, malware (malicious code). Malware includes viruses, worms, and Trojans. A defining characteristic of malware is that it is intended to cause harm or be otherwise used for criminal purposes. Examples of spyware in this category are keystroke loggers, password sniffers, spam launchers, remote access tools (RATs), and screen capture utilities.


Sexually explicit content transmitted or published for the purposes of entertainment including photographs, videos, and text depicting or describing legal sexual acts between consenting adults.

Peer ro Peer

Peer-to-peer (referred to as P2P) is a type of transient Internet network that allows a group of computer users with the same networking program to connect with each other and directly access files from one another's hard drives.

File Sharing

Any site allowing users to freely download or exchange software including music files, games, movies, and software applications.

Incentivized Clicks

Clicks made on an HTML link by live users who subsequently receive some reward or incentive for making the click, for example, additional loyalty points added to an account redeemable for goods upon achievement of certain targets. This type of inventory may or may not operate a “timeout” on repeat clicks on the same link from the user within a given time span.


Advertising delivery software hosted on a user’s machine which has been downloaded by the user typically in return for a product or service, for example toolbars, emoticons, and other desktop applications.
To be considered legitimate, adware must:

  • be deliberately downloaded by the user in fair and equitable exchange for a product or service;
  • be downloaded under circumstances where the user makes a positive opt-in to the service under terms and conditions that are overt, clear, and in no way attempt to confuse or deceive;
  • offer the user a clear, effective, and simple path to unsubscribe from any relevant service and facilitate easy de-installation of the associated advertising software; and
  • operate a reasonable frequency control policy for advertising inventory – (e.g. each user to be exposed to not more than three (3) advertising impressions in any 24 hour period).

Uncontrolled or un-moderated forums

Online discussion groups and newsgroups not subject to any editorial control or moderation by Publisher.

Foreign Sites

Any content where a significant proportion of the text appears in a language other than the English.

Self Generated Content which facilitates downloads of dynamic content

RSS feeds, blogs, and personal home pages comprising independent publication of personal thoughts, photographs, and Web links which may or may not be subject to editorial moderation for questions of legality, accuracy, decency, and truthfulness. Such content may or may not facilitate file-sharing.

Personal Home Pages

Independent publication of personal thoughts, photographs, and web links which may or may not be subject to editorial moderation for questions of legality, accuracy, decency and truthfulness.

Personal Blogs

A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links which may or may not be subject to editorial moderation for questions of legality, accuracy, decency and truthfulness.

Politically Sensitive Content

Any site or blog the majority of whose editorial content is aimed at furthering the cause of any established political party, organized, or informal pressure group especially where the views espoused therein are likely to cause offence.

Desk-top applications

Software applications downloaded to a user’s machine from the web usually delivering some product or service (e.g. instant chat, dating services, emoticons & toolbars). Desk-top applications are often offered in exchange for or as a download vehicle for adware.


A toolbar is a window whose buttons represent tools, menu items, or actions. The toolbar can be located along the top, bottom, or sides of a frame window or can "float" and be positioned anywhere on the user’s desktop. Downloadable toolbars often incorporate or facilitate the delivery of advertising messages.